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Unlisted investment properties with very high returns

Every month numerous investors from North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America choose Templestone to find some of the best unlisted investment properties available in the United States. Our real estate expert analysts locate and evaluate properties privately held by major banks and investment funds, and make the best ones available for public acquisition.

We match our client network with the best investment properties, and the highest returns possible though out the industry. Every week we make new properties available in our comprehensive investment digest that is sent to thousands of individuals and corporate investors throughout the world.

Compare annual returns (ROI)

2% - 4%

Returns obtained in traditional banking

5% - 7%

Returns offered in Class C Invesment areas such as FLORIDA

9% - 12%

Returns offered in Class B Invesment areas such as ATLANTA

14% - 17%

Returns offered in Class A Invesment areas such as DETROIT

How to invest?Follow these three steps and turn your investments into a huge business opportunity

1) Decide where to invest

We have available investments in single properties, multi-family units commercial properties in various locations throughout the United States. Many of the properties include tenants. Choose the property or package that fits your investment strategy.

2) Purchase the property

Reserve the unit(s) and then complete the steps of the closing process. These steps include inspection of the properties which can be performed by you , or by a selected team of specialists. Once the process is completed, the sale is closed.

3) Start collecting returns

The property is now yours. You will receive the cash that your property generates into your bank account every month. Watch your investment grow and when the right time comes, you can sell your property to make even more profit.

Buy off-market properties from private investment funds and banks

Investment opportunities in residential rental homes, bulk packages, and commercial retail, industrial, hospitality, warehouse and land properties

  • 2844 Eastwood Drive

    2844 Eastwood Drive SKU: AJMSF101299000554 LOCATION: Decatur, GA – Atlanta metropolitan a...
  • 5589 Glen Haven Drive

    5589 Glen Haven Drive SKU: AJMSF101525400553 LOCATION: Atlanta, GA – Atlanta metropolitan...


Is what our clients have to say about their experience with Templestone Assets.

  • I just bought a pre-rehabbed package of 17 homes, which was more risky than buying already rented. They took care of the Rehab in less than 2 weeks, their in house property management now took over and after 6 weeks 90% of the homes are already rented. I am extremely pleased with my investment and the work of Templestone.
  • I am a french investor and have used the services of Templestone. Over the last year my net has grown from 220K to 357k. I just did not think that would be possible when they told me it could be done. All my properties are now rented and will be re-sold in the local market when they feel the time is right. For the price of a house I bought with them, I could not even buy a parking space in France.
    Robert D.